"Love Letter Exchange with God - Divine Resolution"

Good Morning,
I copied below my "love letter" exchange with God. You can find this one and others at mollieaxtell.com
I hope they encourage you!
Bless you,

"Divine Resolution"

"God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.” Matthew 5:3
My child,
Inexpressible blessing comes from your dependence on me. I have limitless heavenly resources – everything you need to thrive. But I will not pour something down your throat you don’t think you want or need. You must choose to come and drink from my supernatural fountain of grace.

There you will discover the life-giving water you need to strengthen you for the journey. You are always thirsty for my presence because I have created you for myself. You were designed for dependence on me. You crave my living water when you recognize it, and when you don’t. You can be dehydrated and clueless.

Sometimes, you attempt to try harder to do “this,” or not do “that,” in your own strength. That is misguided, less-than-best, and prideful. You believe the fallacy that you can discern what is ideal for you and accomplish it without me. Whether that appears to work for you or not, it is an illusion when you believe your best plans and efforts can outperform my perfect, infinite grace, wisdom, creativity, and strength.

My planning and execution are flawless and saturated with my peace. You can experience my impeccable provision and my matchless serenity.
Yield to your design. I fashioned you to receive from me. I have endless resolve and hold perfect solutions.
I love you,
My Abba,
I must be tiresome at times. How can I ever forget that I am made by you and for you? My heart and mind are only wholly at rest in your presence.

But sometimes a bit of delusion mingles with a splash of confusion and seeps into my soul. I set aside your truth and clench the pulp fiction of my independence.

I am positive I know who, or what, will make me happy. I, also, believe I have a strong sense of how to get there. So I venture out on my journey with scant provisions, a sketchy map, and less-than-mighty muscles. Shockingly, my dream destination doesn’t seem to pan out quite the way I envisioned it.

Choice confronts me again as this new year rolls in. I can take stock of my life and try to fix myself armed with gallant New Year’s resolutions and all five ounces of my vigor – or turn to you.

What do you want for me? Where do I need to grow this year? What would you like to change in me? How would you like to do it? How can I (by your power) best participate in your plans and purposes this year?

The definition and origin of the word “resolution” gives me more clarity on how I want to live.

Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something,

From Middle English: re (expressing intensive force) solvere (loosen or unfasten)

Who will I trust to make a firm decision and give me the power to do, or not do, something? When I try to make resolutions, in order to change, I am trying to loosen or unfasten the sin, pain, and unhealthy patterns stuck in my life with my “intensive force.” Historically, not so successful.

It is more like a New Year’s Res-illusion. I am holding onto the illusion that I can change myself. Sometimes it works, in part, for a while. Then I can get distracted or wear out.

Thank you for reminding me that you do have the intensive force needed to loosen the most stubborn pain and unhealthy patterns in my life. You, also, have the infinite bandwidth and endurance I lack.

Please be my Divine Resolution. Build your beauty in my life this year.
I love you,

photo: pitinan

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