"Love Letter Exchange With God - Rescued and Resilient"

Good Afternoon,
I copied below my "love letter" exchange with God. You can find this one and others at mollieaxtell.com
I hope they encourage you!
Bless you,

                                                                       “Rescued and Resilient”
“For he has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son, who purchased our freedom and forgave our sins.” Colossians 1:13-14
My Abba,
I know you staged a spare-no-expense, supernatural rescue on my behalf. Only you could have freed me from the consuming darkness of my captivity and brought me into the luminous kingdom of your Son.

Deluded, crushed, and scattered behind enemy lines, I was no dazzling candidate for a hostage extraction. I am grateful my condition did not breed reluctance in you to take me on. Thank you for never considering me beyond repair.

Since you have always been fully acquainted with each one of my failures and offenses, you stepped into my life with your eyes wide open. As that breathtaking truth crashes over me, I realize only your matchless love would drive you to such extravagance.

No expression of my gratitude seems appropriate in light of the staggering reality of your rescue. How do I say thank you for buying my freedom so I may enjoy today and forever with you?
I love you,
My child,
You can always say thank you with the way you live your life. As you give your heart, soul, mind, time, choices and gifts back to me, you express gratitude for what I have given you.

My plan clinches your freedom. Freedom from hopelessness. Freedom from shame. Freedom from captivity. Freedom to love. Freedom to forgive. Freedom to spend forever with me.

What will you choose to do with all that freedom? Let’s make the most of it. Give me your hand. I can walk you out of any prison cell in which you sit.

Finding freedom is not just a one-time opportunity. Each day you will have a choice to walk with me or return to the dark prison cells of hate, fear, unforgiveness, discontentment, gossip, hypocrisy, envy, pride, deceit, or greed.

You don’t have to stay stuck. That is the liar’s story. He is no match for me. The truth is this: I know how to unlock the door, carry you out, navigate our passage, and keep your heart safe. Our enemy cannot stand against the weapons I can supply.

Don’t worry about defeat in some skirmishes. Don’t believe the adversary’s propaganda. Only I write the ending. Armed with my truth, righteousness, peace, faith, joy and love, you can remain resilient and courageous as we win this war.
I love you,

photo: m.bednarek

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