Love Letter Exchange with God - Irrisistible Urge

Good Afternoon,
I wrote and copied below my "love letter" exchange with God. You can find this one and others at I hope they encourage you!
Bless you,
                                                                        "Irresistible Urge"

“For Christ’s love compels us”. - 2 Corinthians 5:14

My Abba,
Thank you for the way these five short words have impacted me in the last few days. Amidst the overbearing push and pull of life’s demands, I want Christ’s love to compel me.
I struggle at times to discern, in the fuzzy gray spaces, whether an action or attitude is clearly wrong or right. But I think this truth is already making better choices more conspicuous for me.
Even when there does not seem to be a right or wrong choice, I find it daunting to simply choose between the good things. So much to choose from, so little time. Many choices seem reasonable. Still, I want Christ’s love to shepherd me – guide and direct me – in my choices.
I also realize, there are times when I am wayward, purposefully attempting to ignore your voice, and ducking conviction. Please arrest my folly and remind me to ask, “Is Christ’s love urging me to do this?”
As I grow up, I hope this practice will become more of a reflex. Please persistently convince me of the way I should go. Immerse my first impulse in your love. Make your love my irresistible urge.
I love you,

My child,
Earnestly asking the question, “Is Christ’s love compelling me to do this?” can alter the way you live. This practice will enhance our relationship and allow you to more fully join me in what I am doing.
Your choices, decisions, actions, priorities and attitudes can be supernaturally sculpted by my love. Life does not get better than that. Living a life compelled by my love will not short-change you or leave you brooding over the second place ribbon. The life I designed for you will not end in regret.
My love can move you to sing what I sing … weep for what causes me to weep … plant what I want planted … and uproot what I want uprooted.
My love can move you to laugh at what makes me laugh … fight for what I fight for … and make peace when I want peace.
My love can help you tear down what I want torn down … build what I want built … mourn what I mourn … and dance when I dance.
My eternal, perfect love will spur you into a more magnificent version of your life than you can imagine. My love inspires all that I do. Let it inspire you too.
I love you,

photo: e.atamanenko

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